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Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra

We are Best Indian Vastu Consultant. Mr. Pandit Rajesh Kumar Mishra ji provide expert Vastu consultancy services for Plots, Malls, Offices, Restaurants, Shops and Showrooms, Hospital, Educational Institutions, Hotels, Bungalows and Villas, Buildings and Apartments, Cafes, Resorts and more.

Elements of Vastu

Throughout the world, the concept of the five elements as the basis of all creation was accepted and used in medicine, alchemy and astrology. These Five Elements have been considered to be the basis of each and every creation.

Now, let us understand the Nature, Qualities and the Effects of these Five Elements i.e., the Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space, as to what they are individually.

1. Water

Whatever is liquid, whatever flows and has a particular density, whatever has the particular, property of evaporation, condensation into vapour and conversion into a liquid again- all these are considered to be water. Water is usually blue or black in colour. It has a wavy shape. So the shape of Moon & the shape of wave is the Water element.

Nature: Water has tendency of flowing, thereby having cleansing abilities. It represents clarity, flow, generation & continuity.

2. Air

Air has the property to give breath to life. If something gets stuck, growth of some kind is required to move it. However, too much of growth is negative. So, it is always controlled by some other element. The green and brown colours, the rectangular and the oval shapes are all related to the Air or Wood element.

Nature: The element of air has property growth and if talk about growth, human body needs breathe (air) which comes from trees. The trees in itself has the property of growth. They always grow vertically. Their stems are oval, therefore, all the matter that are oval belongs to air element.

3. Fire

Fire is the spark of life-Tejas. Anything that attracts has spark, and possesses the qualities of Fire. The Fire element has a triangular shape, and so the shape associated with it is a triangle. It is also considered octagon in shape, and the colours associated with Fire are: Red, Orange and sometimes, Purple.

Nature: Right from the primitive stages, fire has used to draw protection from. It represents the spark, zeal and passion in life. Fire is the driving force behind all of life processes, and thus is equated to money in the modern era.

4. Earth

If anything is stable, it is due to the Earth element. It has a yellow colour or the colour of the earth, and is square in shape.

Nature: Weight is the property of the Earth element. If we say our mere presence carries weight, or our speech carries weight: it is denotative of the Earth element. What it really means is that it is originating from knowledge or skill, and these give true weight (as a valuable weighty item) to a person. So, the Earth imparts stability and fixes things in position.

5. Space

The Psyche is developed from the Space itself. Therefore, without being aware of the Space and Psyche, it's not possible to know their effects on human life. Therefore, Space has two colours-grey and white. In fact, white has all the colours in it but we cannot say that the of white always indicates space. The presence 'Space' element is round or spherical in shape.

Nature: In vastu, 'Space' refer to something defined by boundaries. In context of a building, Space means the built-up Space of inside a building. West is the direction of the Space element. In China, the element, Space is also known as Metal, due to perfect space configuration in the atomic structure of metals.

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