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This situation, where we have given our best or are putting our 100% effort, but nothing seems to work out, has knocked our door at least once. There are many websites which will generate a career report using Vedic Astrology at no cost or might be a paid service online. Before you jump to a conclusion, I would say that Saturn planet (Shani) is the reason behind this. It’s believed that Saturn is the delayer but not the one who denies. It’s him who delays your success and puts you through adversities so that you shine better.

you would like to sit down to understand where the planets are not supporting you. And you would like to know which planet combinations might be the reason behind your fruitless efforts.

  • Saturn and Sun (Surya): You will be putting all the efforts and leading to success but won’t shine in the limelight. Your effort won’t be publicly recognized while in a team, but individually you will shine better.
  • Saturn and Moon (Chandra): You will be creative but emotionally unexpressive or might feel jammed from within. All your efforts might go in vain due to the emotional stress you face from your family or friends around.
  • Saturn and Mars (Mangala): You will be perfect but lacking courage which might delay your path to success. You may consider building your physique to gain confidence.
  • Saturn and Mercury (Budha): You will have a breakthrough in your spiritual beliefs and might be affluent towards other ideological principles. However, the right path will always bring you success.
  • Saturn and Venus (Shukra): You will have very big adversities, but you will rise from them. It will be like from rags to riches for you. Nonetheless, you don’t give up on yourself and keep the faith in you.
  • Saturn and Jupiter (Guru): You will succeed for sure but will require lots of hard work. There will be enemies to cause loss, but you got to win them over.
  • Saturn and Rahu: You will have a struggling life with disputes in your family which might result in stress and other mental illnesses. Avoid being indecisive. There will be debts, and your work will always be pending. You will settle down but after a lot of obstacles.

Apart from the above, the combination between Chandra and Shani causes a difficult situation. The weak Chandra along with weak Navamsa does not allow a fortune. If there is Rahu, Ketu, or Shani before or after Chandra in your Kundali, then it makes Chandra weak, and your fortune will be affected with Chandra leading you to financial loss.

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