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Astrological Consultant

Are you financially in a dire situation? If yes, here are some Astrology remedies to improve your financial situation. Apply it in your life to get rid of all kinds of money and property issues. There are remedies in astrology that can immensely help you to obliterate your financial problem.

Astrology has always been an integral part of Indian society. Although many people perceive it now as a superstition, those who got results through it have unwavering faith in astrology. Mr. Pandit Rajesh Kumar Mishra ji is a renowned name in the field of occult sciences. he is trying his best to dispel all misinformation people have about astrology. He says “Sometimes, financial problems can arise due to the astrological motion of the planets or stars in the zodiac, and they can hinder our progress and prosperity. Astrology is a part of the picture and may assist in solving these money problems quickly.”

Astrology aims to discover solutions to financial issues by studying the astrological charts and suggesting possible solutions. The need for money is a fundamental requirement for everyone in order to survive and progress in the world. The majority of people want to earn abundant amounts to safeguard the lives of their loved family members while also ensuring a luxurious life.

The problem of money may manifest itself as a result of debts or job loss, unexpected losses, closing of a business, unexpected expenses, theft, a wrong choice of career, fire, fraud, forgery and accidents and so on.

Here are some Astrology remedies to improve your financial status. But remember that hard work will help you attain success through the use of financial and astrology solutions.

  • The planet Saturn is a major influencer of financial problems as well as other issues with money. Also, please Saturn by repeating his shlokas to assist you in keeping your financial issues at low levels.
  • Install a painting of Goddess Lakshmi in your home. Make heartfelt offerings daily at least to her. Offer regular prayers to the goddess in order that she can keep you always rich.
  • Keep a Tulsi plant in your home, use a ghee-filled mud light every day. Goddess Lakshmi is sure to be delighted by your Pooja and give you a bounty of happiness.
  • When you give drinking water to the god Lord Vishnu every Friday The goddess Lakshmi will be awestruck.
  • Put Kuber Yantra Kuber Yantra on a red cloth in your Pooja room and adore each day to receive showers with blessings from him.
  • Make sure to place your cash locker to either the South of the South-West corner of your office or at home. The general rule is that North corresponds to Lord Kuber. The moment you open the locker in the direction of north, you are confirming the fact that Lord Kuber will continue to shower blessings on you constantly.
  • Give every woman the respect you deserve, and it will earn you the blessings of Lord Lakshmi
  • Spend money on colored items that are color-blind to receive the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi
  • Get rid of any broken or damaged vessels inside the house.
  • Put saffron tilaks on the forehead each day following bathing to please God.
  • Every Wednesday, try to feed cows green grass
  • Three Feed Rice Pudding to single girls. Every Friday, give them yellow clothes and money. This will be pleasing to the goddess and she’ll definitely appreciate your prosperity.

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